New ideas & other perspectives

Business has changed over the years. Doing what you have always done is no longer a guarantee for growth and better results. Find new perspectives, create different strategies and get new clients.  

Strategic advisor

New techniques, ideas or products, you may not have considered before. Get valuable insights and new perspectives for your business strategies.

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Business coaching

Marco Kool has experience in working with high educated and one of the hardest target groups. He helps you to restore connection with yourself through coaching for growth.

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New tactics and ideas

Get inspired to learn how we humans act, react and get influenced by everything around us. Learn how to apply new tactics and ideas for your own professional use.

The way to do business has changed over the years. The business University of London attributes this change to: 

  • Web 2.0, the internet.
  • A more collaborative way of working through a different way of thinking, initiated by generations Y and Z.
  • The emergence of new technologies and techniques.
  • Focus on sustainability, which stands for taking care of the needs of society.

While most businesses and professionals are staying the course and doing what they have done for years.

At Neuro Design Lab we see that this is like a plant which you give each week less and less water. The plant keeps on doing its thing, because it’s familiar with this way of acting and feels comfortable it. But without any change, these plants will lose their color and slowly deplete.

Businesses need creativity, new perspectives, and innovation to continue to grow

Through experiment creation I will give you;

  • ideas and help in coming up with new products,
  • coming up without of the box marketing campaigns,
  • and discovering new audiences for your brand.

With 1-on-1 coaching I will give people as much inspiration as I have. Create new strategies which lead to more sales.

I will encourage professionals to take action and make changes on self development. By helping you to improve your imagination and become more creative on a personal level, and in your relationships. This allows you to develop yourself, by learning to work differently than you have always done.

My dad used to say, “Son, you have to do what you’re good at.” This made me good at helping others. And got me motivated to inspire you, to create new business perspectives and to challenge you to think differently than you are used to. 

Marco is an energetic, compassionate and kind person always filled with new ideas and he has the audacity to ask the right questions. Marco has a free and innovative mind and also knows how to translate his imagination into reality.

Gilberto Morishaw

Climate reality leader

Marco is good at thinking clearly and quickly. He is ambitious and aspiring. I experience him as highly approachable and knowledgeable in helping me and others in looking at new professional perspectives.

Khalil Ayan

Cardiothoracic surgeon

Business has changed over the years

My name is Marco Kool, influencer and founder of Neuro Design Lab. Business has changed over the years and I’m changing the way we look at solving business challenges.

I am working on how our human brains get influenced at a professional level. And teach you to learn different approaches and new perspectives solving your business challenges.

business has changed over the years,business has change,over the years,business