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Social experiments. You know, like pranks or psychological experiments. I have researched about, and been intrigued for years, how we get influenced by the world around us. It is almost magical how your brain connects the dots without you even notice it.

Call me a coach, inventor or person that thinks out of the box.

What I do is share my knowledge with a large audience. And I look at problems organizations, inspired by a social experiment. Or coach highly skilled professionals on a personal level for growth.

Put on your pink ski goggles and you will see the world very differently than before. With Marco all is slightly a bit different. I am full of energy and enthusiasm. And have a lot of different goggles, to help you learn to look at your world differently.

I want to give people as much inspiration as I have. And encourage people to take action to come up with new products, solutions and ideas.

Working together

My name is Marco Kool, influencer and founder of Neuro Design Lab. I’m changing the way we look at marketing and solving  business challenges.

While creating valuable exposure, you can become a  leading business influencer by showing the world new business ideas. Within this customer journey, you will learn different approaches and powerful new points of view inspired by social experiments.  It will be a game changer in terms of solving your own business challenges and growth.