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My name is Marco Kool and I am changing the way we look at modern entrepreneurship and how we solve professional challenges. Inspired by my work in the operating rooms, I guide entrepreneurs to get the most out of their business. As an information technology and innovation expert on a large operation complex, I know how to improve smart and effective work processes. After all, an operating room is one of the most streamlined environments you can imagine, because you work with people in a vulnerable moment in their lives to life-threatening.

From this experience and my business coach background, I have developed a smart method to help modern entrepreneurs with process improvement. As an advisor vegan The Hague Horeca and entrepreneurs, we get to work. We realize more turnover, customers and impact through process improvement and with my support as an independent advisor. There is nothing more valuable than an independent look at your work processes, to realize new actions that you probably would not think of yourself.

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make the difference

In addition to process improvement in the operating rooms, as a coach I have years of experience in how people’s brains are influenced, based on what behavior is displayed.

Inspired by this and social experiments that are part of my research field, I offer myself as an NLP business coach in addition to being a strategic advisor.

My father always said, “Son, you should do what you’re good at.” That is why I strive to help others.

Marco as a very skilled professional and with a positive attitude. He’s an attentive and resourceful person, who always thinks in solutions. He is an accessible person on who you really can rely on.

Sander Beekmans

Plastic surgeon, Bergman Clinics

The first thing that I remember from working with Marco is the question “what’s holding you back? Marco doesn’t hold back. He really sees you and sets things in motion.

Rutger van der Kaaij

E-Learningspecialist, Philips