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Influencer business ideas

My name is Marco Kool, influencer and founder of Neuro Design Lab. I’m changing the way we look at marketing, and solve business challenges.

Some of my professional contacts asked me to help them giving them different insights  about their personal and  business challenges. Their need for new perspectives of looking at business challenges inspired me to create Neuro Design lab.

I share these perspectives on Linkedin and other social media, to teach people more about this newly discovered field of work. This represent new ways of looking at business challenges correlated to and inspired by, Social experiments from the view of an influencer business ideas.

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Marco as a very skilled professional and with a positive attitude. He’s an attentive and resourceful person, who always thinks in solutions. He is an accessible person on who you really can rely on.

Sander Beekmans

Plastic surgeon, Bergman Clinics

The first thing that I remember from working with Marco is the question “what’s holding you back? Marco doesn’t hold back. He really sees you and sets things in motion.

Rutger van der Kaaij

E-Learningspecialist, Philips


I have experience in  working with one of the hardest target groups: doctors and (brain) surgeons. I am an information technology specialist in the field of surgery and have a background in action NLP coaching. I’ve collected years of experience in how human brains are influenced on a high professional level, based on what their behavior displays. In addition to  this experience,social experiments are part of my research field through my role as neuro Influencer.

My dad always used to say, “Son, you should do what you’re good at.” Because of this, I help others in personal development.