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Business has changed. Businesses need creativity, new perspectives, and innovation to continue to growI will help you make the changes, to remain a relevant player in this fast-changing world. 

  • Become more skilled, in peer consultations; influence an audience, become more receptive and take on leadership.
  • Create new ideas, come up with new treatment concepts; enhance your creativity, get to know new technologies and diagnoses.
  • Improve your communication, become more resourceful with difficult patients; improve improvisation- collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Create strategies, apply Value-Based Healthcare; a better understanding of patient value and different approaches to reach new goals.
Surgeons and Doctors

  • Become more authentic, attract more clients; position yourself as being unique and learn to come up with original marketing plans.
  • Learn to be flexible, become a Corona proof business director; look at new ways to solve your business problems, attract other client groups and improve your improvisation skills.
  • Stay healthy, create more customer revenue; learn to be resourceful in finance, make better use of your resources and improve your efficiency.
  • Work towards sustainability, go with the time; become better in finding new enterprise technologies, innovations and modern business perspectives.
Business Owners and Directors

  • Learn new ideas, come up with new legal products; original campaigns, out of the box legal services and approach new audiences.
  • Get trained in a different way of thinking, improve your teamwork; collaboration, empathy and transparancy.
  • Create a key role, in new client solutions; driving value conversations, implementing creative pricing solutions and solve complex problems.
  • Get to know new technologies, enhance your legal practice; analytics, E-discovery, research and online courtrooms.
Laywers and Human Rights

  • Change your perspective, create different products then you are used to; become newly inspired by looking at new ideas and take actions outside of your comfort zone.
  • Get more confidence, improve your professional conversations; become better in questioning, showing more empathy and learn to react more assertive.
  • Become more effective, learn to stay on your prospects radar; improve your planning, feedback- and making lists skills.
  • Learn to be persistant, become known as being  progressive ; get used making uncomfortable calls, follow up structures and self-discipline.
Engineers and other Professionals

Experiment creation

Through experiment creation I will help you create new ideas for original working marketing campaigns, train you to discover and develop suitable new products. And help you find new audiences for your brand. These insights will give you new perspectives, to take on your business challenges.


Business coaching

With 1-on-1 coaching I will give people as much inspiration as I have. I will encourage professionals to take action and make changes on self-development, to create new strategies that lead to more sales. By helping you to become more creative on a personal level and in your relationships.