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  • Supermarkets always place products with the highest profit margin on their “golden shelf”.
  • Patients miraculously heal after placebo surgery on their knee, where the patient is only sedated and has not had surgery.
  • Fast sports cars are more often the color red because of the association with power.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I learn business ideas I never could think of myself?
  • How can I find new strategies and change my perspective for my business challenges?
  • How can I learn what my target audience intrinsically feels most attracted to?

You will change your perspective to be finding out your ’ target  audience’s thinking preferences, and how those perferences affect the ways they behave and act. This research will direct  your customer’s journey to more brand awareness and insights.

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Neuro Design Lab partners with professionals to help them take on their business challenges.

  1. We look at an existing or yet to be realized social experiment, to give you insights and ideas that you probably would not have thought of otherwise.
  2. Or a period of intensive coaching based on your specific subject.

In a social experiment you can see how human brains can be influenced on a professional level and for professional use. It shows the overlapping behavior of the target group and what they are unconsciously most attracted to.

Get to know new techniques and ideas of products that you may not have considered before.

Social experiment:

In the context of Neuro Design Lab a Social experiment is an existing or still to create social experiment or mischievous act, carried out in a certain setting and under certain conditions to see its effect. This could be for example a psychological experiment or prank.

Business challenge

Neuro Design Lab defines a professional challenge, as a subject that you as an entrepreneur run into and that it has long been less easy till now, to find a good solution. Problems that may be difficult to solve due to various factors. Many examples can be mentioned. Below some examples to give you an idea:

  • A structural shortage of specialized healthcare personnel, which creates long waiting lists.
  • Parking nuisance and complaints from residents, due to a shortage of parking spaces.
  • Employees that get injured and lawsuits, due to regular accidents among warehouse workers.

The common denominator for these problems often requires you to change your perspective and a solution looked at from a different angle than what has been done so far.

influencer Marco Kool:

My name is Marco Kool, influencer and founder of Neuro Design Lab. I’m changing the way we look at marketing, and solve business challenges.

Some of my professional contacts asked me to help them giving them different insights about their personal and business challenges. Their need for new perspectives of looking at business challenges inspired me to create Neuro Design lab.

 With Neuro Design Lab I’m creating a customer journey where I share information and teach people more about this  newly discovered field of work.

The information relates new ways of looking at business challenges for organizations, correlated to and inspired by Social experiments from an influencer perspective.