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Don’t let time or work pressure gain you, by finding out later that all your co-competitors have surpassed you and you have become an old-fashioned entrepreneur. For stubborn, motivated, wise men who want to learn new skills from new generations or who could use an occasional kick under the butt. I coach lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs and other highly skilled professionals.


“How do I keep up with time?” Learn to give feedback in different ways, become more agile when appropriate and develop the #1 modern skills; learn to think more creatively. Become an authentic, inspiring and mindful professional.


Modern society

Society, organizations and people are changing rapidly. In all areas, an increasing demand is being made on your skills, attention and creative abilities.

Being a professional and longer in business, this can make you feel stuck. As an influencer business coach I help you learn step by step how to restore your connection with yourself.

  • No more pretending to be who people expect you to be!
  • Daring to make more powerful choices.
  • A real relationship with the people around you.

Influencer Business coach

As influencer business coach I use an approach based on Neuro Linguistic Programming and action coaching. The professional is expertly guided through an active psychosocial method. As a result, each client discovers his/her own solution to their challenge.


Because of our personal experiences, we sometimes experience that we are stuck in doing, of what we have always been doing.

In the coaching, we create an action plan. Our aim is to develop new actions without losing your personal identity. You will be supported to help you keep your promises and integrate the action plan.

This coaching style is a short-term form of therapy with unique possibilities for growth, aimed at supporting high level professionals. During coaching, unconscious processes are an important aid in activating inner resources and achieving healthy solutions.

My belief is that everyone is capable of growth and has the ability to change.

High level professionals

My experience lay’s in working with some of the hardest target groups: doctors, anesthetist and surgeons. And I collected years of experience in how human brains are influenced, through personal research of neurological and social experiments.

I see more and more professionals have symptoms such as headache, stress, and feeling restless. This can lead to burnout, loss of purpose, boredom, and physical problems.

Next to medical professionals, I work with lawyers, engineers and business owners. Press the undermentioned button, if you like to read more about whom I work with.

Patterns of Mental Stuck

People are like machines, they often keep going and going. Until it’s too late, because then you really can’t keep going anymore. It is important to ensure that you are ahead of this and there are a number of signal to become aware of this. It’s really not hard to spot when you threaten to lose yourself or something to gain mentally.

But what may be difficult is to acknowlegde this and take the step to act on it.

There are two options. You let your busy life distract you, which means that you may be battling all kinds of inconveniences for years. Or you look for a coach and get over the problems you run into.

Save yourself a lot of time and frustration, get in touch today.

  • Often going beyond your own limits 100% 100%
  • A lot of worrying, overthinking or doubts 100% 100%
  • Bad or restless night’s sleep 100% 100%
  • Lack of energy and motivation 100% 100%
  • Regular concentration problems 100% 100%