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Public relations

Neuro Design and advocacy are increasingly becoming  interesting topics for entrepreneurs. More than ever, the business community has discovered that brand awareness through a source other than itself, and especially connected to the field of social experiments, is an excellent opportunity, which persuades supporters to spend money on it. Advocacy is therefore a very “sympathetic” instrument with which a company can support its communication strategy through Linkedin, Instagram and other media, or to obtain new ideas and strengthen its public perception. With Neuro Design Lab we try to give our supporters a personal customer journey experience through social media, but also by offering opportunities to gain innovative insights into their own business processes.

Advocacy takes advantage of both opportunities and good relationship is a precondition for this.

Linkedin VIP

Due to the fairly new field of work and  evolving  approaches to getting more business exposure, organizations want to commit to Neuro Design Lab in different ways. They desire continuous growth, and realize how important it is to gain more insight into how people think and are influenced. Managers can stay updated by simply receiving occasional personal messages on Linkedin about developments from Neuro Design Lab. 

Neuro Design Lab sees a lot of value in getting a better understanding  of the relationship between social experiments, influencers and business problems. By sharing this information,Neuro Design Lab stimulates the business community to find new solutions for creating growth and to.think outside the usual boundaries.

Several studies have shown that the world around us is changing and our way of doing business can barely keep up with this change. Our mission is to create new perspectives from a neurological approach and to give entrepreneurs a head start to keep up the pace.