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“My company has less turnover due to the Corona crisis and is difficult to attract customers”. Then make sure you tackle the Corona crisis with the help of an independent strategic advisor today as your greatest opportunity ever, to start working in a new way. Achieve more sales, customers and revenue.


Continuing to do what you’ve always done is no longer a guarantee of growth or better results. Regardless of whether you are a law firm, cosmetic clinic, hotel or otherwise, it is important to take your work process into the future. After all, the rise of digital possibilities has been accelerated by the Corona crisis. And new generations are looking for different products and services.


Free strategic advisor for Professionals

A simple example could be that you sell the luxury hotel room that you offer for € 100.00 per night. And after our consultation, it appears that potential customers cannot imagine that a luxury hotel room is available for € 100.00. We then make an action plan in which you adjust the price and website text, among other things. And from that moment on rent out the hotel room without difficulty.

If the above resonates with you, click on the “free advice” button and fill in the short inquiry form. Perhaps you have set up a special home furnishings store, but you do not realize that your website tells a completely unsuitable story about your products. You are a hotel owner, and you are unable to approach your target group, which makes that you attract fewer and fewer customers. Or are you a plastic surgeon looking for an original and appropriate marketing campaign for your practice.

My priority doesn’t lay primary in needing to sell you something, I am most passionate about helping professionals to better strategically position themselves and their organization. This gives me energy and is the reason I share free strategic advice for professionals and help you with my feedback.

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  1. Recreate and create products.
  2. Strengthen your marketing approach.
  3. Improving customer experience websites.
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Change your approach

We live in a time of abundance, where new buildings popping out of the ground like mushrooms, and consumers purchase products with only one press on the button. The market is no longer driven solely by supply and demand. Continuing to innovate and reach out to your customer in an original way has become the most effective form of keeping your customers with you.

In a world of abundance, no idea is new anymore. We often use the automatism that we know and have learned to keep working in a way that we always have been done. Neuro Design Lab helps and challenges you to start thinking differently from what you are used to. And does this inspired by effective process improvement methods, which are used in the operating rooms.

  • Get ideas for original working marketing campaigns.
  • Discover and develop suitable new products.
  • Find a new audience for your brand.

Tailor-made offer

Would you rather have a tailor-made offer? Get in touch today and send me a message.

We plan a non-binding video call to discuss exactly what you are looking for so that I can send you a suitable offer.

Be different

Business has changed;

  1. Web 2.0, the internet
  2. A more collaborative way of working through a different way of thinking, initiated by generations Y and Z.
  3. The emergence of new technologies and techniques.
  4. Focus on sustainability, which stands for taking care of the needs of society.

The first two questions we should ask ourselves, how innovative am I? And how can I discover new strategies to generate more sales than I’m already doing?

Amaze your customers and potential customers by showing yourself as an innovative business, that engages different ways of working and dares to experiment.

Method creating more turnover and customers

I apply two ways to achieve good results, and do this together with you.

1. As a manager or owner, you often know, based on your own experience, when you need to further develop a part of your business. In this case, you are looking for an independent expert to spar with and to get advice about, for example, the further development of your website. In addition to this process, I also act holding you accountable to reach your goals and working out an action plan together. This process is mostly driven by what you feel and see needs to be improved.

2. Suppose you are a hotel, and you have your statistics clear or like to set this up together about how many bookings you got weekly. In which you have an average of 2 rooms fully booked on Monday instead of 9 on the other weekdays. This is the starting point, from which we determine together within which period we increase the Monday bookings to, for example to 6, if this is realistic. Perhaps Monday should be renamed, different priced or advertised. We enter into a conversation about this and connect actions to achieve the goal, where the hotel is in the lead. It is a process, where we experiment and adjust when needed. This is based of feeling, interpretation and is measurable in this way.

This way of working is based on my experience in the operation rooms, where I work on innovation, process improvements, and capacity projects.

Social Behavior Experiments methodology

My work, as a strategic advisor, is inspired by online social experiments. As an influencer, I frequently share about social experiments on my social media channels. This means that in addition to free strategic advice or a tailor-made offer, I also help you find, make use of or create social experiments. Social experiments can be used to learn valuable new techniques, ideas, or develop products that you may not have considered before.

These insights from social experiments will give you new perspectives to tackle your business challenges. You can directly purchase these social experiments as a product to use for your own inspiration. See the packages bronze to diamond at the bottom of the FAQs page.